Iqlusion Is Open for Delegation

Iqlusion validator is excited to participate in the launch of the Cosmos Hub Mainnet!

We are accepting new delegations on the Cosmos Hub. After the launch of the mainnet, individuals and funds are able to stake Atoms to earn transaction fees and block rewards. Staking will be conducted directly via the Cosmos command line. Delegators to Iqlusion will get our support in managing their delegation and making governance choices as the Cosmos Hub upgrades itself.

Delegation Instructions

Bond a certain amount of Atoms to given validator:

gaiacli tx staking delegate 
cosmosvaloper1grgelyng2v6v3t8z87wu3sxgt9m5s03xfytvz7 10000uatom --from delegatorKeyName --gas auto --gas-prices 0.001uatom

Iqlusion offers zero fee delegation via an out of band submission process. If you would like to avoid the minimal network gas fees while delegating to us. Contact Zaki on Telegram or Riot and he will walk you through the process.

If you are starting a new Proof of Stake network as Cosmos Zone or based on some other protocol, Iqlusion is available to help bootstrap your network.

Iqlusion offers secure and reliable validator services for Proof of Stake networks. The founders of Iqlusion developed a lot of the infrastructure for Cosmos Hub and have invested significant time and resources to guarantee sustainable and secure validator infrastructure.

Our goal is to maximize returns for our delegators while protecting your crypto assets against slashings.

We are looking forward to all Cosmonauts to delegate with us! 🚀


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